The Complete Hiking Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

Lisa Foster’s hiking guide illustrates and discusses every trail in RMNP, even those not found on the RMNP official map, but  can be found on USGS or National Geographic maps of the area. This title is in it’s 6th revision as of August 2013. A 2nd edition is due out 2015 when RMNP celebrates is 100th anniversary. There are also several smaller eBooks created for this title focusing on specific topics: Kid-Friendly Hikes, Hikes Under 3 miles, Technical Hikes, and Long’s Peak specifically. This book is crammed with so much information, my challenge was to get the reader to a specific hike or area efficiently, incorporating maps and images to illustrate the trail.

size: 6 x 9  |  ISBN: 978-0-615-52684-3  |  To purchase, contact


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